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What if we made nature the source of our daily beauty and well-being ?


In love with the great outdoors and passionate about the world of natural cosmetics since my teenage years, I created the Nativress brand to enable you to take care of yourself while taking into account the future of our beautiful planet...

Indeed, Nativress is today 4 products that are popular with women who are concerned about their appearance and beauty: a make-up remover balm and a complete anti-ageing ritual that is broken down into 3 treatments with a very high content of organic active ingredients.


But first let me share a few words with you !

I am a scientist in love with beauty and the art of enhancing oneself as a woman! Yes, I have been creating skin care products since I was a teenager. At the age of 15, I was already preparing balms based on shea butter and eucalyptus extracts. I believed in nature and in the secrets it held in the flowers, bark and leaves of trees.

I wanted to know everything about it ! I read a lot, I did a lot of research and even, during my holidays, I went to work for the beauticians in the town where I lived to learn the tricks of the trade...

Over time, this great interest turned into a real passion!

Not wanting to leave the world of beauty care, I nevertheless chose to continue my schooling in a scientific field in order to learn more and more about the world around us. That's how I became a doctor of biology.

These advanced studies allowed me to acquire, among other things, a great deal of knowledge about how the skin evolves and how it reacts to environmental aggressions. I have seen up close how age acts on the elasticity and the epidermis.

At one point, I was even given the opportunity to do research on the loss of firmness of the dermis and, above all, to evaluate which solutions were effective against skin aging and the reduction of wrinkles. It was really exciting !

I therefore studied the formulation of repairing creams, lotions that protect the skin and balms that embellish our bodies...

Without going into all the details, because my story is long and sometimes tormented, I finally decided to launch a brand of truly natural cosmetics, which would respect the Earth because they are made from organically grown plant extracts. I worked hard to develop effective skin care products, highly concentrated in active ingredients and free of undesirable chemical components such as paraben or preservatives that are harmful to health...


How did the Anti-Aging Ritual box set come into existence ?

Very happy with the effectiveness of the moisturising lotions that I had patiently developed, I decided to go even further by creating an anti-ageing treatment.

For greater effectiveness, I decided to split it into three active ingredients, each of which would have its own specificity: a facial treatment to make the face more radiant, an eye contour treatment to give the eyes a bewitching depth and a nourishing cream to give the skin the means to stay in perfect health.

To be sure of their quality, I first had many friends try out my entire range. I was surprised at the results !

I received many phone calls from people asking me where I could buy these anti-wrinkle, natural and above all, extremely effective skin care products. I couldn't answer them because these anti-ageing treatments were not yet on the market at the time !

But when the requests were so insistent, I decided to create Nativress...

My passion for cosmetics has never left me !


Then a decisive meeting !

As I am committed to ethical production, I have chosen to use only the highest quality plant extracts and bases, harvested with respect by producers who love their profession. But I also wanted to have my beauty care products manufactured by a French laboratory, a guarantee of quality and perfect follow-up.

So one fine day I met the director of a laboratory who shared the same vision as me: he had decided to commit himself only to a production where each component was rigorously selected and treated with care. "The power of nature", he said, "should not be perverted by devastating industrial treatments, which would cause the active ingredients to lose all their regenerating qualities".


Why an effectiveness recognised by all those who use Nativress restorative treatments ?

Quite simply because at Nativress, we use exclusive and natural technologies, which allow the active ingredients to be gently released on the face.

How was the result ?

Your epidermis benefits from the very high content of natural raw materials (such as Damascus Rose floral water or red algae extract) that fill in the wrinkles of mature skin, a high concentration of organic camomile and shea butter, which are ultra-moisturising. Argan and rosehip vegetable oil will deeply soothe and relax the delicate skin of your face.

Small confession: when I apply the care products in the Anti-Aging Ritual box, it's as if I were living an ultimate cocooning moment...

Label BIO Cosmetic 2

Adherence to the strictest standards: the assurance of impeccable follow-up and quality !

We made a conscious choice with my partners: to develop, work and manufacture our range of cosmetics exclusively in France.

This allows us to guarantee you exceptional quality, without any unpleasant surprises! We control from start to finish the manufacture of our moisturisers and make-up remover balm. This ensures maximum traceability.

We respect the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). We never test our cosmetics on animals. Our products are organic and vegan.

At the service of femininity and before all, your beauty !

Because of their effectiveness, Nativress cosmetics and skincare products are truly precious friends on a daily basis.

Try them just once, and we are sure you will remain faithful to them...

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