DEMAKINESS Makeup remover


DEMAKINESS, the new generation natural make-up remover balm!    Add to cart

You know that it is imperative to carefully cleanse the skin on your face every evening, so that it can breathe during the night. But, moreover, it is necessary that the make-up remover perfectly respects the biological balance of the epidermis.


Demakiness leaves a very moisturising and non-greasy film that will carefully protect your skin. Its cleansing action is recognised thanks to the presence, among others, of extracts of Saponaria officinalis.

But Demakiness has a special feature: on contact with water, its formula transforms and becomes similar to a moisturising milk. It is completely unique on the market ! Demakiness offers a make-up removal action to start with and ends with a moisturising treatment. Isn't this extraordinary ?

What's more, because we are strongly committed to the fight for natural cosmetics, we have received organic certification for this product.

It's an additional guarantee of quality for you !

Directions for use

Demakiness should only be used on a face with previously dried skin. Take a small dab of make-up remover balm in the palm of your hand and spread it over your entire face. Simply rub the make-up remover in with light circular movements. Then rinse thoroughly with clear water. That's all you have to do ! You will then notice that the make-up remover, on contact with water, will modify its structure to become creamier and more moisturizing for the delicate skin of your face.

The skin is then perfectly prepared for the night: the epidermis is healthy and, in addition, a moisturising treatment will deeply regenerate it during the night.

- 100G

- Natural, organic, vegan and Cruelty-free cosmetics

- Without endocrine disruptors

- 100% natural, 79.6% organic

- All skin types

- French made

Bio et naturel
Fabriqué en france
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